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Bee My Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day! xo, Bumble Bee the English Bulldog

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Bumble Bee the English Bulldog’s Grooming Routine

When it comes to owning an English Bulldog, grooming is not only routine and common, but it’s required.  It keeps them happy and healthy.  Bumble Bee LOVES grooming time!  When he hears the shower water start running, he immediately takes off for the bathroom.  Sometimes I have to stop him from jumping into the tub when it’s my time […]

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Bumble Bee the English Bulldog’s Favorite Toys

Bumble Bee is definitely considered an aggressive chewer. Give him a cute stuffed toy and you’ll probably see all it’s stuffing in less than a minute. Ok, maybe more like 5 minutes, but still, definitely in less time than it took you to go to the store, pick out the toy and bring it home.  So […]

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